Advanced Electric Gates are the Bay Area’s experienced gate repair specialists. Our technicians are specialists and have the knowledge, tools, and experience to handle every job. No matter what kind of electric gate system you have, we’ll keep it in perfect shape.

Whether you want to design and install automatic gates for the first time or need maintenance and repair done to existing gates, Advanced Electric Gates is the electric gate company to call in the Bay Area. Our technicians will work hard to keep your electric gates problem free.

We can install replacement parts or do comprehensive repairs for your existing gates. Advanced Electric Gates has the expertise to add any features you choose to your gates. This includes the latest in bluetooth technologies for opening your gates using your smart phone or tablet.

Electric Gates Orinda

Advanced Electric Gates offers the following services:

  • Gate Opener Repair and Installation
  • Exit Loop Installation and Repair
  • Gate Safety Sensor Repair and Installation
  • Gate motor installation and Repair
  • Gatepost and Fence Repair
  • Gate wheel repair and Replacement
  • Welding hinges both New and Repairs

For emergency gate repair Advanced Electric Gates is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to protect your security at home and for your business. Our technicians have the expertise and experience to handle any problem. You can rest assured that when you need us in the Bay area, Advanced Electric Gates will be there for you.

Advanced Electric Gates is an industry leader in the automatic gate industry. Our business is your security and our reputation developed over the years because of satisfied customers like you. Electric gates add curb appeal to your home as well as security. For security and curb appeal call Advanced Electric Gates and speak to our customer representative. We can design your gate together.

Our designers will customize your electric gate to blend in and add the appeal you are looking for to your home. We are experienced working in iron, wood, and stainless steel. Our craftsmen are bar none in the Bay area.

Adding an intercom or phone system mounted on your gates is a great security measure for your home. Advanced Electric Gates can install a complete telephone entry system or keypad entry system for both your home and your business. Having an intercom lets you see who wants access to your property. And let’s face it, in today’s world you want to keep your family safe. You can identify people before they come to your door.

Along with keypad systems we offer voice and visual identification systems. This personalizes your security to a degree that wasn’t available to the public until fairly recently. This added layer of security gives you a layer of protection if someone got your keypad code, visual identification means they still aren’t coming in.

Advanced Electric Gates offers you the Bay Area’s best technicians and craftsmen to work on your gates. We have the experience to work on every system and build new gate systems for you. Our technicians are artisans on the aesthetic aspect of your gates and will make them beautiful
We deliver the security you want and do it at the Bay area’s most reasonable pricing. Expertise, experience, and great pricing is what Advanced Electric Gates delivers for you. Call today.