Our gate was making noises and we were sure something broke. We called Advanced Electric Gate and they came right away. It turned out to be an adjustment. It didn’t cost a lot and the gate works great.

B. Thomas

We wanted to buy gates and talked to a few companies before calling you. You have the best prices and you guaranteed the work so we thought we would try you.  Nice job! The gates look great and they work perfectly.

G. Fredrickson

We needed maintenance done on the gate after we bought the property and called you. Your people were really thorough and showed us everything. They had to do a lot of work but it works great again. Your guys even made it look new. Good work!

N. Sarana

Our gate started working funny. It  shook when it was opening. My wife called Advanced Electric Gates and your guys showed us how easy this problem was to fix. After they fixed it we were shocked by how reasonable your prices were. Thanx!

– K. Beradi

We used your service at our old home so for us it was a no-brainer to just tell you we moved. It’s been 3 years and we never have any problems with the gates. Thanks guys.

C. Muire